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Gotta love life, there's just so much you can do! I never understood how people could ever be bored. Repetition is my one pet peeve.

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There’s a giant cloud in the constellation Aquila that contains enough alcohol to give every person on Earth 300,000 pints of beer for a billion years. Once we’re able to travel 10,000 light years away, that will be one heck of a beer run. Source

The Great Electric Drive is a self-directed imagemaking project that promotes the benefits of electric cars through a quirky, humorous and fun advertising campaign series of six billboards for the ESB’s electric car scheme.”

Andrew Smyth is a great designer and illustrator from Dublin, Ireland. Check out his project “The Great Electric Drive”. Click here to see more images and closeups of all the above work.

Andrew Smyth’s Portfolio.

This is so dope.